RiskAquaSoil project extended until May 2023

RiskAquaSoil project extended until May 2023


RiskAquaSoil will be extended until May 2023, and we welcome two new partners:

  • The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (NEIKER)
  • The Institute of National Resources and Territorial Planning of the University of Oviedo (INDUROT- University of Oviedo)

RiskAquaSoil has been committed to improving the detection, management and rehabilitation of rural territories – especially for agricultural purposes -, associated to risks of natural, climate and human origin.  In this second stage priority will be given to complementary activities to those already carried out during the first stage, mainly capitalisation of results, communication actions, short studies and guidelines on good practices.

RiskAquaSoil is structured around three axes – soil management, water management and damage compensation systems – and is mainly addressed to 3 target groups:

– Farmers and associations and institutions related to the rural development and climate change. Farmers are one of the key elements of Risk-AquaSoil. During the project extension, they will be involved in the technical activities following citizen-science actions.

– Policy-makers. RiskAquaSoil wishes to establish a flexible socioinstitutional framework of analysis on the constant monitoring and assessment of action-oriented knowledge in order to adapt the policy strategies to the regional impacts of climate change. During the project extension, the Final Conference in Brussels will be the most relevant activity addressed to policy-makers.

– General public. RiskAquaSoil aims to spread general knowledge and raise awareness among the citizens about the importance of strenghtening the resilience and planning of the atlantic regions to natural disasters and the consequences of climate change in rural and agricultural areas. An editorial publication will be issued and public events will take place among the non-scientific public, so that Risk-AquaSoil findings and results can be spread among a non-technical audience.

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