Laboratório da Paisagem de Guimarães

The Landscape Laboratory of Guimarães (LdP) mission is to promote knowledge and innovation, research and scientific dissemination, in partnership with Guimarães Municipality and two higher education institutions, the University of Minho and University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto-Douro. The LdP is also a centre of excellence in the field of environmental education, being the coordinator of the municipal program for education for sustainability. The LdP has developed multidisciplinary scientific projects since 2014, including the following areas: ecology, hydraulics, urban environment and geography. These projects aim to study and disseminate methodologies and processes, so that cities become more ecological, sustainable, inclusive and resilient. They find solutions for eco-efficient urban systems, protect and promote autochthonous biodiversity and/or monitor watercourses’ quality. For the construction of a more sustainable territory, the LdP also recognizes the importance of the landscape and its dynamics, thus reflecting upon and discussing about the landscape concept.