Enablers of green innovation in the micro-firm—perspectives from Ireland and Canada

Abstract: This research explores the enablers of green innovation in the micro-firm, applying a resource based view. The research poses the question, how are resources used to enable green innovation in a micro-firm? The authors apply a cross-country multi-case method, studying micro-firms in Ireland and Canada over a twelve month period. Results show that proactive use of green innovation enablers is influenced by; the owner/manager (O/M)’s natural environmental orientation and openness to engage with green innovation, their ability to identify, pool and bundle internal and external resources, their capacity to understand and implement green regulations and their ability to lever green potential for socio-economic gain. The findings show that engagement with both internal and external resource pools allow the O/M greater capacity to test new ideas, comprehend regulations and identify potential supports in pursuit of green innovation within the micro-firm. This study is important for a number of reasons. It explores green innovation resources within and outside the organisation and identifies the enablers of green innovation in micro-firms that could contribute to sustainable business goals.